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We are not just an Online Test Series portal. We at BansalTestPrep provide all categories of Test content deemed necessary by our faculties for a thorough preparation of Pre-Engineering entrance exams. For Pre-Medical, NTSE and KVPY we currently provide only test series. The details about various content categories is given below:
Topic-wise Tests (TWT): The heart of learning a concept lies in the questions attempted just after attending a lecture or self-reading of a concept. To ensure that you do not miss out on that initial learning phase, we provide Topic-wise tests. Each topic has a module consisting of Revision material of key concepts AND 3 levels of test in increasing order of difficulty-level.
Daily Practice Problems (DPP): As you learn more and more topics during the preparation cycle, it is imperative to practice old topics lest you might forget them. To ensure this, Bansal Classes provides its hugely popular Daily Practice Problems (DPPs). DPPs are short tests which contain carefully selected practice questions. Each DPP has a mixture of questions from previous topics to ensure practice as well as develop an ability to tackle hybrid-type (multiple concepts) questions.
All India Online Test Series (AIOTS): Eventually its important to do regular rehearsal of the real exam by attempting mock tests having similar questions and based on the actual pattern of the exam. To serve that purpose, we provide our highly successfull All India Online Test Series being taken by thousands of students across India. It typically contains part syllabus, revision and full syallbus tests.

Highlights of our Test-taking Framework

  • Check test and framework instructions while taking the test
  • Keep a track of attempted questions and questions marked for review
  • Timers keep track of overall time as well as time spent in each section
  • Mark your responses in OMR sheet or just below the question
  • Flag questions which you want to review at a later stage
  • Take 3 level of Hints while attempting questions
  • Take untimed as well as timed tests
  • Filter attempted, unattempted, flagged and all questions
  • Suspend tests in case of emergencies and resume from the same state later
  • Strong guard against crashes, shut-down, internet outage
  • For a real environment practice we also provide similar simulators for exams like JEE Main and BITSAT which are conducted online.

    Highlights of our Performance Reports

    Know your preparation level at (topic, subject and overall level) at any instant of time based on total number of questions attempted on BansalTestPrep by you. It clearly indicates your weak and strong areas AND how much you need to improve.
  • Question-wise performance overview, per-question time spent
  • Test cut-off and Test difficulty-level analysis
  • Simple scorecard of your overall performance
  • Accuracy distribution at section and overall level
  • Time-taken and Difficulty-level feedback at section and overall level
  • Accuracy feedback at topic and subject level
  • Peer comparison across score, negative marks, time-taken and accoracy
  • Toppers list
  • Cumulative progress tracking of each test
  • Discounts on BansalTestPrep
    % Discounts
    S.No. Discount Code Discount Categories Pre-Engineering Courses Pre-Medical Courses Document proofs required
    1.BSES01JEE Advanced 2014 Qualified Students (General Rank upto 10000)90%-Photocopy of JEE Advanced Admit Card and printout of result
    2.BSES02AIPMT 2014 Qualified students (General Rank upto 6000)-90%Photocopy of AIPMT Admit Card and printout of result
    3.BSES03JEE Main 2014 Qualified students (General Rank upto 15,000) OR Rank in Common Merit List in JEE Advanced 2014 above 10,000 75%-Photocopy of JEE Main Admit Card and printout of result / Photocopy of JEE Advanced Admit Card and printout of result
    4.BSES04NTSE Scholar OR KVPY OR Science Olympiad Medal Winner40%40%Photocopy of the original award certificate / Mark sheet of KVPY attested by the Principal of the school last attended / presently studying. Mark sheet of Olympiads attested by the Principal of the school last attended / presently studying.
    5. BSES05 Class X or Class XII Board Marks Obtained (Percentage >= 90% or CGPA >= 9.5) 35% 35% Photocopy of the Class X Mark sheet attested by the Principal of the school last attended / presently studying OR Photocopy of Class XII Mark sheet attested by the Principal of the school last attended / presently studying.
    6. BSES06 Old student of Bansal Classes classroom OR Distance Learning 30% 30% Copy of Bansal Classes Student ID Card and Last Fee Receipt
    7. BSES07 Class X or Class XII Board Marks Obtained (85% =< Percentage < 90% or 8.5 =< CGPA < 9.5) 20% 20% Photocopy of Class X Mark sheet attested by the Principal of the school last attended / presently studying OR Photocopy of the XII Mark sheet attested by the Principal of the school last attended / presently studying.
    8. BSES08 Class X or Class XII Board Marks Obtained (75% =< Percentage < 85% or 7.5 =< CGPA < 8.5) 10% 10% The photocopy of class X Mark sheet attested by the Principal of the school last attended / presently studying OR Photocopy of the XII Mark sheet attested by the Principal of the school last attended / presently studying.

    Instructions to avail Discounts
    1. 1. While purchasing your course: click on 'REDEEM' button, fill the applicable discount code, click on 'REDEEM' again.
    2. 2. If you want to change the code: click on 'RESET' button, fill the new code, click on 'REDEEM'.
    3. 3. Check the price table to confirm the discount made to you based on the Discount Code and proceed with your payment.
    4. 4. Send the Document Proof of availed discount code AND BTP Application Form within 20 days of purchase else you will be restricted from taking the tests. The BTP Application Form link is available in 'My Study Zone'.

    Terms and Conditions
    1. 1. Bansal Scholarship for Extraordinary Students (BSES) is provided (with effect from 12th July 2014) at the sole discretion of Bansal Classes Kota. It is valid till 30th May 2016.
    2. 2. One student can apply for only one discount at a time, if eligible for more than one discount, the student can choose the higher one.
    3. 3. Please choose the discount based on the clearly defined parameters.
    4. 4. For CGPA to 'percentage' conversion of CBSE results, multiple your CGPA to 9.5
    5. 5. In case Document Proofs of discount AND BTP Application Form is not received by us within 20 days of enrollment, Bansal Classes can restrict such students from further taking the tests.

    Registration and Login:

    1. To register, click on 'Register Free' button in the header.
    2. Fill all the details in the form and click on 'Sign Up'.
    3. You will become a registered member of BansalTestPrep and you would be automatically logged-in.
    4. To login in future sessions, click on 'Login' button in the header. Fill your 'Username/Email' and 'Password' click on 'Sign In'.

    Browsing and Purchasing Online Courses:

    1. We offer various Online Courses for JEE Advanced, JEE Main, BITSAT, AIPMT, AIIMS, NTSE, KVPY. Check them in 'Course Library' section on home-page OR click on 'Online Courses' tab.
    2. For Pre-Engineering aspirants, it is recommended to enroll in our courses as per the unique and successful Online Preparation Methodology. View it by clicking on 'Innovative Prep Methodology' box on home-page.
    3. To buy any course, either click on 'Purchase' button the respective course page OR directly click on 'Buy Courses' tab.
    4. Refer to 'How to Make Payment' section on 'Buy Courses' page if you have any confusion regarding purchasing our courses.
    5. Call, Mail, SMS, Message based support options are given in the header section.

    Using Online Courses:

    1. Login with your 'username/email' and 'password' and click on 'My Study Zone' link.
    2. In your 'My Study Zone', the left-pane lists the exams and the right-pane lists the courses to which you have access for that exam.
    3. Here you will see Free Courses as well as the ones you have purchased.
    4. To take tests and view your performance, follow the instructions given along-side each Course.
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    "The periodic testing and revision helped me to manage my time effectively inside and outside the examination hall. I am really thankful to BansalTestPrep."
    Vishnu Bhalaki
    Rank 66th in JEE Advanced 2014
    [Fe(H2O)6]SO4.H2O Image not present Residue (X) + Y↑ + Z↑ + 7H2O
    Residue (X) was treated with HCl followed by H2S gas yielding yellowish white turbidity (A). When gas (Y) is passed through H2S (aq.), same yellowish white turbidity (A) is obtained. Find the atomic mass of (A).
    (1) 0030(2) 0031(3) 0032(4) 0033
    Note: The solution to this question will be available tomorrow in "Yesterday's Question" section
    In the given figure, a string of linear mass density 3 × 10–2 kg/m and length L = 1 m, is stretched by a force F = (3 – kt) N, where k is a constant and t is time in sec. At the time t = 0, a pulse is generated at the end P of the string. Find the value of k (in N/s) if the value of force becomes zero as the pulse reaches point Q.
    Image not present
    (1) 0010(2) 0020(3) 0030(4) 0040
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